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Caregiver engagement is the lowest it’s ever been

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption in healthcare around the world. As the stressors and pressures of COVID-19 continue into 2022, caregiver engagement is declining to unprecedented levels of burnout and turnover.

Insync’s healthcare partner Press Ganey has analysed its employee and physician databases to uncover how COVID-19 has impacted the healthcare industry, particularly in terms of engagement, resilience, safety and more.

Through feedback from more than 1.5 million employees and 120,000+ physicians, Press Ganey uncovered the following trends and insights:

  1. Employee and physician engagement is lower than it’s ever been
  2. The largest declines were seen in staffing, job stress and decompression
  3. Safety items have declined including resources needed to provide care and team communication to provide coordinated care
  4. Despite significant challenges, an overall sense of unity and trust has brought caregivers together
  5. Stable results in teamwork, respect and support

So how can we combat these downward trends?

Caregiver feedback is a valuable tool for improving culture, advancing caregiver and patient safety, developing leaders, and retaining top talent. Capturing this feedback via census or pulse surveying during difficult times can provide insights into both immediate and long-term interventions.

Read our latest paper to dive further into the latest trends and uncover tips for collecting caregiver feedback.

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