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Why employee survey insights are invaluable to a new CEO

Every new CEO will have an agenda and goals to achieve during their first few months. A progressive CEO will make a big investment in speaking with staff and customers and looking at how the business is being run, regardless of whether they are an internal or external appointment.

A new CEO will be getting to know a range of personalities and will be considering individual strengths and weaknesses, in particular, of his or her leadership team. The strength of leadership, the extent to which teams work together effectively and whether there’s a culture of accountability and performance will weigh heavily on the new CEO’s mind. HR can assist and add value by providing real insights into these critical issues. The reports from an employee survey such as the Alignment and Engagement Survey is a ready source of information.

Insync observed a CEO making very good use of an employee Alignment and Engagement Survey in their first 100 days and beyond.

Case study: understanding leadership culture in 100 days

Situation: A national organisation hired a new CEO just after Insync had run their annual employee survey, providing a wealth of new insights for the CEO’s use during their first 100 days.

Outcome: While leaders and teams made a strong first impression, the new CEO was extremely survey savvy and worked closely with HR to understand the key messages. While everything looked glossy on the surface, insights from the employee survey highlighted areas for improvement within divisions and at a team level. This initiated informed and challenging business conversations between the CEO and senior leaders, rapidly accelerating the CEO’s understanding of the organisation’s culture and key people. It also helped the CEO get some improvement initiatives underway sooner, than would have otherwise been possible.

Surveys provide insight into leaders, teams and customers

Employee surveys, such as our Alignment and Engagement Survey or Employee Engagement Survey, provide a good overview of the opinions of people at the coalface and offer context to the CEO’s own observations. Other surveys and consulting that deliver deeper insights include:

  • Entry (induction) surveys  – understand how new employees are being managed and if promises are met
  • Exit Interviews  – uncover the real reasons why good people leave and understand important trends
  • Customer surveys – understand the level of customer satisfaction and engagement, identify which customers are loyal and willing to recommend your organisation or those that may leave

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