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Community Engagement

Insync has moved beyond surveys to all forms of customer and stakeholder engagement. From small community focus groups to large scale community consultation projects, our goal is to ensure you meet your research objectives and to help your organisation change for the better.

With our guidance, you can better understand your community members’ needs, motivations and experiences so you can provide better services. You will also have access to a team of in-house registered psychologists and research experts to assist in tailoring and executing your project.

Applying an IAP2 mindset to your community engagement research

Insync’s staff are certified by the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) and bring a toolbox of research techniques to the table. IAP2 provides a framework for linking a topic to the appropriate fieldwork method.

In the initial phase of your research project, Insync will work with you to better understand your organisation’s desired level of community engagement. There are five levels of public participation across the IAP2 spectrum, and each level of engagement has an increasing impact on decisions.

community engagement infographic Depending on your desired level of community engagement, we’ll tailor the project to achieve the goals of the best suited public participation method:

  • Inform: To provide the public with balanced and objective information to assist them in understanding the problem, alternatives, opportunities and/or solutions
  • Consult: To obtain public feedback on analysis, alternatives and/or decisions
  • Involve: To work directly with the public throughout the process to ensure that public concerns and aspirations are consistently understood and considered
  • Collaborate: To partner with the public in each aspect of the decision including the development of alternatives and the identification of the preferred solution
  • Empower: To place final decision making in the hands of the public

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