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Discover the inspiring success of BeyondHousing: A case study

Join us in exploring the remarkable journey of BeyondHousing, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing people with a pathway to home. As the largest community housing provider in the Goulburn and Ovens Murray regions of Victoria, BeyondHousing oversees 700 properties, offering long-term community and transitional housing. Their commitment to eradicating homelessness and promoting housing stability has yielded incredible results.

In 2023, BeyondHousing achieved an Engagement Score of 85% and an Alignment Score of 77%, placing them in the top 10% of Insync’s not-for-profit benchmark.

We sat down with BeyondHousing’s CEO, Celia Adams, and Chief People Officer, Louise Frichot to discuss their journey to high performance. Learn how they maintain high levels of employee engagement, recruit individuals aligned with their vision, and create a culture of performance and accountability.

Read the case study to uncover how BeyondHousing achieved remarkable employee engagement levels, its strategies for success, and what lies ahead in their journey.

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Why Insync?

We understand the importance of tailoring each survey to match the unique qualities of your business. To achieve this, we collaborate closely with you to customise question sets while ensuring the survey’s integrity and its capacity for industry and national benchmark comparisons are maintained.

Our offering includes a robust, psychometrically valid employee survey tool that has a proven track record, developed by seasoned experts with over two decades of experience. You can place your trust in our experienced practitioners, who possess profound industry knowledge in the community service and not-for-profit sector. They can assist you in attracting the right talent, retaining valuable employees, understanding your client’s needs, and fostering alignment and engagement among your organisation.

Sophie Owen

Principal - Health, Education & Community Services

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Emily Harrison

Senior Manager - Health, Education & Community Services

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Insync Testimonial
​Partnering with Insync for our Alignment and Engagement Survey has been an easy and effective process. Their responsiveness, professionalism and approach is second to none.
Alison Eaton


Insync Testimonial
Retaining our talented team members has become a crucial aspect of our overall success. That's why we turned to Insync for their expertise in conducting a confidential staff Alignment and Engagement Survey (AES). Insync's AES was the perfect tool for us. It allowed us to identify key drivers of employee satisfaction and engagement while offering a robust and valid framework that could be customized to fit our specific needs. The fact that the survey was independently administered meant we received accurate, unbiased results that we could rely on to make informed decisions.
Daniel Findley

Chief Executive Officer

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Benchmarking board performance: 500 board reviews later

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