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Bridge the gap between customer satisfaction and loyalty

Are your customers satisfied? Our customer survey research suggests that the answer to this common question might be: "who cares?" Businesses are fast losing faith ...

Keep your employee survey project on track by setting objectives

Before you embark on your business improvement journey with an employee survey, your team and stakeholders should be clear on what your employee survey success ...

It pays to split your customers

Customer segmentation is essential before undertaking any form of B2B customer satisfaction survey or customer research. As the findings of the customer ...

Take your organisation “from answers to action” with your next employee survey or customer survey

As an  employee survey and  customer survey provider, Insync collects valuable data for clients but more importantly we take our clients "from answers to action". ...

Employee survey results communication examples

Employee survey results communication examples

Employee survey invitation examples

Employee survey invitation examples

Sample custom exit interview questions

Having questions that apply to your organisation's unique environment helps put your Exit Interview responses into context. If you have a third party provider for ...

Employee survey case study

A key driver in achieving high organisational performance is conducting an employee survey

How to communicate your staff survey results to your team

The next step after receiving your staff survey results report is communicating the results to your team and working with your team for ongoing improvements.

Tips for conducting effective staff surveys

Assessing staff attitudes and perceptions with a staff survey is essential for any organisation that's serious about improving employee engagement, reducing staff ...

Roadblocks to achieving a high employee survey response rate

On average, a well run staff survey achieves around a 60% response rate. A useful predictor of future response rates is the level of employee engagement obtained in ...

Customer survey identifies risks

Last week we were talking to a CEO who felt he needed a customer survey. His issue: the top six per cent of clients gave him 74% of revenue. Mix this fact with an ...