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To make better decisions you need 6 things

The 6 steps to quality decision making

The real game is making decisions. Now. Without perfect information. In the middle of a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world.

1. Framing

You really need to know the question you are trying to answer.

There are 3 components in framing the real question you need to answer:

1. Purpose 2. Perspective 3. Scope

Being clear on these delivers answers to questions such as:

  • What problem are we trying to solve?
  • What opportunity are we seeing?
  • Why are we doing this and why now?
  • How will we know if we are successful?
  • What constraints exist?
  • How could we fail?

Being clear about your purpose, your question, your objective, is perhaps the most important part of any key business decision making process.

Framing Image Doors

2. Alternatives

The second thing you need to do is understand the options you really have. What are the alternatives? They have to be real and not theoretical. A decision can’t be better than the best alternative. It takes disciplined effort to identify real alternatives through different scenarios and remove all kinds of bias in the process (List of cognitive biases).

Good alternatives are:

  • Based on viable realities which challenge cognitive biases
  • Substantially different – not minor variations of each other
  • Independently credible – must pass baseline feasibility
  • Compelling – motivate at least one decision-maker
  • Manageable in number – 3 to 4 usually better than 2 but 10 is too many


3. Data

The third element of a great decision quality process is data.

Data is about the present and the past but decisions are about the future and its uncertainty.

And not all data is equal. You need relevant and reliable information. You need to consider:

  • What information is relative and what is absolute
  • What is perceived and what is real – that’s harder than you think for external data
  • How valid is your historical data as the world changes quickly – is it valid
  • What is the source and what is processed?
  • What is the real value of that data – how many reputations are attached to its veracity?
  • What do you need to know but don’t? Where is that data? Who has it, if anyone?
  • Do you have enough data to make a decision? Sometimes there needs to be.

man looking at plans on wall

4. Trade-Offs

You rarely have all the things you think you need to make a decision. So how do you do that when you need to decide now?

Ultimately, it is about which of the alternatives across all viable scenarios do we choose, and why.

We value different things, differently. Some Values compete with each other. When alternatives deliver on some valued measures but not others, we need to assess what matters most. Strategy is important. Purpose and Vision should anchor you here.

We use business risk scenario models to give shape to viable future realities and capture our appetite for different alternatives. This step can expand to really validate viable alternatives, with some detailed and rigorous analysis, or, it can be more like a ‘back of envelope’ process, based on executive experience or existing paradigms.

Some of the worst decisions ever made stem from poor understanding of the real trade-off’s being made. (see Executive Summary Report of 644 prosecutions of corporate America since 2000 by State AG’s with $100b+ penalties)

Trade offs

5. Reasoning

Where uncertainty and complexity are high you need a robust and rigorous approach to see which alternative delivers the most of what you want. Gut-feel alone based on intuition and experience performs poorly over time.

Complex decisions use various tools to assess outcomes and probabilities to get to expected values. And financial models rarely manage decision quality well enough.

There are many tools that can help support key steps in the decision quality process. Some more well known ones include: Porter’s 5 Forces; McKinsey 7S Framework; 5 Why’s; Decision Tree and there are tools that can help create richer data sets, e.g. Monte Carlo method, while avoiding the familiar traps, e.g. Maslow’s Hammer.

The real challenge at this step of the process, however, is bias.

With over 200 different clinically types of bias  and the frailty of human nature, it’s no wonder humans are often called out as terrible risk based decision makers and known weaknesses are regularly summarised in risk texts, for example: Operational Risk Management Best Practices A Complete Guide – 2020 Edition. However, my favourite recent book on this is the entertaining read by Dan Ariely Predictably Irrational, Revised – The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions. The best summary I’ve read of mental models that help here is this list created by Gabriel Weinberg Mental models – a list.

To bring all this a little closer to the neuroscience, see some recent research papers which just scratch the surface but are illustrative of how behavioural neuroscience is helping us better understand what is going on in people’s heads as they make all manner of risk-based decisions:

There are many research papers concerning decision making and cognitive bias. However, once we can recognise some of our limitations here, we have the chance to make what will be, in reality, the best decision we can make at this point in time given all of the steps leading up to this point.

We will be clear on the question we are seeking to answer, we will have meaningfully identified the viable alternatives from which to select the answer, we will have obtained. Analysed and considered the best available data, we will have weighed up in a considered and balanced way all of the trade-off’s we need to address, and we will know we are making the best reasoned decision we can, clear of all of the biases we can identify and mitigate.

So what could go wrong?

Well, up to this point team engagement has been all about robust conversation, challenging points of view, data, logic. The more we have stress tested the process the stronger the decision will be.

But what often happens is there is no closure. People don’t move to the next phase – decision execution. People don’t move from debate to commitment.


6. Commitment

Once the decision is made – the time for disagreement, for revisiting the inputs, is over. It is time to act.

Without action the value of the best alternative is only potential value.  Irrevocable allocation of resources are required to execute a decision and make it complete.  Thinking and doing are different mindsets.

Once you have made the best decision you collectively believe you could in the circumstances, then the only way to get the value you can from that decision is to execute as well as you can – with shared commitment and effort.

However, there are many hazards ahead.

Many businesses reward good outcomes rather than good decisions – so as soon as it seems the decision might be questioned – by the initial response, the environment, the difficulty of execution – many can second guess the decision quality process and challenge the quality of the decision.

At this point you need to have locked in your appetite to see this through. If there has been a major flaw in the decision quality process, of course you need to revisit. If the world shifts once you have made the decision (think Covid-19) then it is smart to revisit the process. But mostly, without material change to justify, you should stick to your course.

If the decision quality process is sound, then the slings and arrows from those sitting in the stands should not knock you from your path.

Many companies make great decisions but let distractions hurt confidence and undermine reason. There are some key observations about those that make great decisions and stick to them until there is real reason to revisit.

These companies recognise:

  • Moving from thought to action can require courage, EQ above IQ
  • Conflict is fuel for thinking, alignment is needed for action
  • Uncertainty of thinking vs certainty of action
  • That doing nothing, is still making a decision.

I’m not sure any of us fully appreciate all dimensions of the problem, or more realistically, the opportunity. I do know that to be relevant and valuable into the future, traditional operational or non-financial risk management needs to build upon a deep understanding of human behavioral science, the power of cognition and bias, environment, increasingly disruptive technology, and the power of competitive forces.

The drive to do more, achieve more, even in a VUCA world, remains strong and those who think hard, take calculated risks and invest – will, in general, do better.

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Are your customers satisfied? Our customer survey research suggests that the answer to this common question might be: "who cares?" Businesses are fast losing faith ...

Consultant’s blog: Where art thou goals?

Nicholas Barnett, CEO Insync Surveys, recently published a book called " GPS for your organisation ®". In these times of change and economic uncertainty, Nicholas ...

When culture goes wrong

In the last month two CEOs of high profile companies have lost their jobs. They were in different businesses, with different geographic footprints, union ...

Alignment and employee engagement staff survey reveals your organisation’s performance level

Would you say your organisation and employees are driven? Or are they passionate? Better still are they both, what we would define as high performing?

Why employee survey insights are invaluable to a new CEO

Every new CEO will have an agenda and goals to achieve during their first few months. A progressive CEO will make a big investment in speaking with staff and ...

Develop great leaders with 360 feedback

A 360 feedback survey tailored to an organisation's leadership framework helps leaders improve self awareness and drives effective leadership development.

101 best ways to improve your board

We've asked some of the most senior directors of Australian & New Zealand boards for ways to improve their board.

Insync hits a million with Country Road

Insync's benchmark database now has over a million survey responses, thanks to retailer Country Road whose staff recently conducted an Alignment and Engagement Survey.

Human Capital magazine feature article

Insync Surveys' CEO, Nicholas Barnett features as the June 2012 edition of HC Magazine's cover story: "Turn left now": GPS for your organisation.

James Garriock’s presentation to NFP for CPA

Insync Surveys' Executive Director,  James Garriock presented about measurement and performance improvement for CPA's Not-for-profit conference 2012 in Melbourne, ...

Understanding employee engagement surveys

Employee surveys are widely used to help organisational leaders and HR practitioners understand how their staff are feeling and thinking. The central concept to ...

Consultant’s blog: Do you know what’s expected of you?

It's that time of year when many staff are due to sit down and have their annual performance review with their manager.

Get your ducks in a row: Using organisation alignment for employee engagement and retention

While connecting with employees at all levels is no easy task, finding out what employees really think is an important first step to aligning employee behaviours ...

Consultant’s blog: Do your leaders strive for integrity?

What do you think of your senior leadership team? Okay they might have to make some tough, unpopular decisions but do they act with integrity? 

Seven best ways to improve your board

Nicholas Barnett, CEO of Insync has written an article in the July 2012 issue of Keeping good companies, a Journal of Chartered Secretaries Australia Ltd.

Nicholas Barnett’s interview with Bob Kearsley at Business Essentials

Listen to Insync Surveys' CEO, Nicholas Barnett's latest interview with Bob Kearsley at Business Essentials.

Event: Benchmarking Best Practice in Local Government 2012

Insync Surveys is committed to helping local governments achieve best practice through improving organisational performance.

New Insync board chair

Rhonda O'Donnell is the new chair of Insync's board.

Insync’s customer survey

Thanks to those who recently took part in Insync's own client survey. We really value the feedback and will be using the results to ensure we serve our clients even ...

Assess lead, not just lag, indicators of safety

Most executives and safety managers track safety incidents and focus on fixing the causes. These lag indicators (reactive measures) are the traditional way to ...

Social media: what are your employees exposing?

It's commonplace for organisations to monitor activities of existing employees & investigate backgrounds of potential employees through social networking sites.

The importance of combining organisation alignment with employee engagement

At Insync, we often talk about organisation alignment and employee engagement, but why is it important to combine the two? Organisation alignment is quite different ...

How to action plan post employee survey

It's important to follow through on promises after an  employee engagement survey to show your commitment to improving your organisation. It also shows that you ...

Employee engagement survey planning tips

Running an employee engagement survey? Here are some quick tips to ensure the engagement survey project is a success.

Common customer survey obstacles and how to overcome them

Below are some examples of customer survey obstacles that our customers often experience and how Insync Surveys haved helped to overcome them.

Consultant’s blog: Employee engagement in Singapore hits five year low

All too often we read about the need for employee engagement without consideration of employee alignment.

Consultant’s blog: Do central IT platforms aid employee engagement?

Hays have recently reported that employee engagement throughout Europe and America is declining. With the global economy remaining bleak and pockets of redundancy ...

New Charter magazine article on how to serve boards better by Nicholas Barnett

Insync Surveys' CEO, Nicholas Barnett researched the views of senior directors to find out how executives can serve their boards better.

Employee engagement white paper: Boosting the productivity of Australian manufacturers with employee engagement

Research tells us that employee engagement and alignment makes the difference between success and failure in a business, especially during tough times.

Employee survey research: The 2012 Insync Retention Review

Insync has released its 2012 Retention Review. The report reveals that Australian organisations can influence and have the power to change 80% of their staff turnover.

Tips for communicating your employee survey results

If employees don't receive any feedback on employee survey results, it will contribute to a view that their views are not valued. It may also encourage rumours about ...

The difference between an employee satisfaction survey and an employee engagement survey

How do you know whether undertaking an employee satisfaction survey or employee engagement survey is right for your organisation? Below is an introduction to the ...

Exit interviews

An exit interview is a survey conducted with an employee who is leaving an organisation. The interview may be conducted by a person from within the organisation or ...

Consultant’s blog: Should employers be looking more to social media for employee engagement?

A recent study from the UK indicates that nearly three quarters of entry level staff and three fifths of junior managers hold social media accounts for their personal use.

Avoid employee engagement survey pitfalls

Careful planning of your employee engagement survey project is paramount, but there are many pitfalls which can vary from when to launch to how the survey is run.

James Garriock MC’s HKABA Victoria Business Awards 2012

Insync Surveys has had a long standing relationship with HKABA, so it was no surprise that James Garriock, Executive Director at Insync Surveys was asked to be the ...

Insync’s experience stretches to 61 countries in 21 languages

Insync is proud to announce their employee survey experience extends to 61 countries in 21 languages.

Lessons for boards from MLC

Many lessons & questions for boards from what many have described as the 'MLC debacle' - the MLC board terminated the long-serving & highly respected Principal.

Four essential steps to improve employee engagement

High-performance organisations involve all employees in a 4 step engagement process to ensure buy-in & ownership of actions across all levels of organisation.

Exploding the myths of customer satisfaction

Organisations are losing faith in traditional B2B customer research because "satisfied" customers are walking away from established relationships.

Impact of employee engagement on retention

Simply stated, engaged employees are less likely to leave their job. If an employee has no emotional commitment to their job, there is a greater chance that they ...

Impact of employee engagement on safety

Employees who are engaged are more likely to be highly involved and absorbed in their work. If an employee is not engaged, they are less focused on their work and ...

Impact of employee engagement on productivity

Employees who are engaged with their job and employer are more productive because they are motivated beyond personal factors. They are more focused and more ...

Nicholas Barnett presents at CPA Congress 2012

Nicholas Barnett, Insync Surveys' CEO, will present at CPA Congress 2012. This is the largest annual gathering in Australia of finance, accounting and business ...

PRESS RELEASE: Research reveals 80% of staff turnover is in the employer’s control

Insync Surveys - employee, customer and board engagement measurement and improvement specialists - has released its 2012 Retention Review. The report reveals that ...

Insync receives endorsement from University of Southern Queensland

The Insync Client Satisfaction Survey helps us to plan for continuous improvements & provides a valuable benchmark against similar organisations

Impact of employee engagement on profitability

Employee engagement has a number of implications for an organisation's profitability.

Impact of employee engagement on customer loyalty

A link between having engaged employees and increased customer loyalty and satisfaction has been established.

Journey to high performance: an important case study

Insync's Alignment and Engagement Survey is built on academic research that shows the two greatest drivers of organisational performance are alignment and employee ...

Three big challenges for directors in 2013

Australian directors faced a challenging environment in 2013 including an expectation of a low growth economy, significant pressure on government spending.

Reduce staff turnover by creating meaningful jobs

Staff turnover becomes an even more critical issue for most organisations in competitive and challenging economic times. 

Using exit interviews to reduce turnover and costs

Keeping talented employees is a critical to your organisation's success. Employers need to look at retaining younger staff as baby boomers retire. It's also ...

The changing face of organisation diagnostics and employee surveys

Employee surveys and organisational reviews have come a long way since the 1950's when consultants cruised the corridors with clipboards. The science of employee ...

Nicholas Barnett interview with Alan Kohler on Qantas radio

If you're flying on Qantas this month be sure to listen out for our CEO,  Nicholas Barnett's interview on the Qantas inflight radio.

Sky news interview with Nicholas Barnett on staff turnover research

Insync Surveys has released its 2012 Retention Review. The report reveals that Australian organisations can influence and have the power to change 80% of their staff ...

Insync receives endorsement from Spiire

Insync has been endorsed by Spiire, a leading provider of surveying and engineering services in Australia. Learn more about this partnership and its benefits.

Insync receives endorsement from Albright & Wilson

Albright & Wilson is the leading supplier of surfactants and phosphates in the Australian market, manufacturing specialty products for the industrial, food and ...

Media release: The 7 organisational habits that drive high performance

Many Australian companies are looking for quick fixes and easy answers to ride out difficult economic times, according to a ground-breaking survey of workplace ...

Nicholas Barnett ABC RadioNational interview on workplace culture with Fran Kelly

Most Aus organisations say they put their employees first, but 67% of employees from low performance organisations believe they don't really care about them.

The 7 organisational habits that drive high performance

We've just released ground-breaking research identifying the 7 organisational habits that are essential for achieving high performance. The study draws on data from ...

Learn from the best: case studies of high performance

Our latest research identifying the 7 organisational habits that drive high performance is based on data from over 100,000 employees responses from around 200 ...

How women make the difference to board performance

One of the easiest & most effective ways to ensure good performance is to ensure gender-balanced workgroups.

Four ways senior executives can serve their board better

Insync's recent research report titled, "Taking your board from good to great: the best 101 ways to improve". 

Five facts about 360 feedback surveys

Used in the right way, 360 feedback tools are very powerful in helping leaders improve self awareness. Insync's 360 Feedback Survey compares leaders' own perceptions ...

Who told you your top customers were happy?

it is important to regularly seek & act on customer feedback. B2B research shows that most organisations lose around half of their clients every 5 years

FIA Conference 2013 Sydney, March 7–9

The 2013 FIA Conference Sydney, March 7-9

Chartered Accountants’ Business Forum May 2013

Nicholas Barnett, CEO Insync Surveys is speaking at the Chartered Accountants' Business Forum May 2013.

7 lessons from 7 habits

Our latest research unveils the 7 habits of high performance organisations that have steered them through a low growth economy and an increasingly competitive ...

3 steps to developing a retention roadmap

Our recent study of our extensive Exit Survey database, the 2012 Retention Review, found the majority of people leave their jobs because of the job itself - either ...

How to become a partner of choice

How can your organisation become more than a supplier to your key customers?

Engage employees in your engagement survey process

Many organisations approach an employee engagement survey as a "tick the box" exercise and are surprised and disappointed with their employees' lack of interest and ...

Super fund board performance – from good to great

Guidance on developing a documented policy on board and individual director performance assessments

High performance is hard to achieve but possible with the right leadership

In the recent edition of the Weekend Australian, Nicholas Barnett talks about Insync's research titled "The 7 organisational habits that drive high performance".

Organisation GPS: Nicholas uses the One Minute Manager style, crisp, clear and not a word of excess

Wilkinson Publishing's latest newsletter features Nicholas Barnett, CEO Insync Surveys and his book "GPS for your Organisation®: how to energise your employees and ...

Presentation of the 7 organisational habits to drive high performance

Watch the latest video of Nicholas Barnett, CEO Insync present the 7 organisational habits that drive high performance at a recent Insync event.

Insync’s experience stretches to 90 countries in 38 languages

Insync is proud to announce their employee survey experience extends to 90 countries in 38 languages.

4 steps to living an inspiring vision

Many mission statements - or statements of vision, mission and values or guidance and positioning statements (GPS) - are empty words that simply hang on a wall and ...

How to measure and improve your safety culture

The cost of neglecting safety in the workplace cannot be underestimated. The annual cost of work-related injury, illness and disease has been assessed at more than ...

How to detect and eliminate invisible bullying

Does your workplace tolerate a bit of banter with inappropriate underlying innuendo? Are there unhealthy cliques, or is it rumour filled? Or does your boss fail to ...

A different take on our 7 organisational habits research

Over the last few months we've been showcasing our groundbreaking new research into the 7 organisational habits that drive high performance.

Tackling unconscious bias

Unconscious bias has been referred to in the press quite a lot lately but what it actually is, how it works and what it takes to change it is not widely understood. ...

More women in power luncheon 30 July 2013 | Melbourne

Nicholas Barnett, CEO Insync Surveys joins the panel of the "More women in power" luncheon held at the RACV Club in Melbourne on 30 July 2013.

HC magazine: A buyer’s guide to employee surveys

There's more to buying the right type of employee survey. James Garriock, Executive Director Insync, says buying an employee survey is a technical purchase.

The 7 organisational habits that drive high performance Q&A session

Watch the latest video of our recent event "The 7 organisational habits that drive high performance" Q&A session.

Exit interview update: Understanding Insync’s exit interview system just got easier

Insync's exit interview system now has a new feature, our new reasons for leaving chart.

Nicholas Barnett features in latest Human Capital magazine

Insync Surveys' CEO Nicholas Barnett has lent his voice to Human Capital magazine's latest edition, providing his expert opinion on the issue of the lack of female ...

Don’t become a casualty of a low growth economy

Insync's brand new research reveals the 5 key people drivers of profitable growth. Our study involving over 1,000 employee & customer surveys has uncovered 5 drivers ...

9 ways to a customer’s heart

Our new Profitable Growth Cycle research reveals the importance of engaged & loyal customers for an organisation to achieve profitable growth.

Keep your finger on your organisation’s pulse

It's important to measure your organisation's performance with an annual survey such as an Alignment and Engagement Survey, but a pulse survey at key times of the ...

Whatever it takes?

Essendon Football Club proudly displayed its 2013 slogan  Whatever it takes until February 2013 - only a few months after they launched it to their employers, ...

Are you getting the most out of your employee exit survey?

Saying goodbye to employees is a natural part of running an organisation, but losing key people at the wrong time can cause major setbacks. Understanding why people ...

Media release: The 5 people drivers of the profitable growth cycle

Employee & customer engagement specialists, Insync, revealed 5 key people drivers of profitable growth. From conducting over 1000 employee & customer surveys.

The importance of customer surveys

We all know the importance of satisfying customers, but few businesses actually check whether they're doing just that. There's no way to know for certain unless they ask.

Insync’s profitable growth cycle in HRD magazine

Insync's latest research, the 5 people drivers of the Profitable Growth Cycle, features in HRD magazine's latest issue.

Why customers shouldn’t be number one

Many believe & act as though, of all their stakeholders, the customer is the most important to the organisation's profitability, growth & ultimate success.

How the board can drive high performance

Just being a good board may not be enough in the current uncertain, complex and fast-changing economic environment.

How flexible work arrangements can help retain your top talent

Flexible work arrangements are common these days amongst high performing organisations and with good reason. Having flexible work arrangements in place can help ...

City of Kingston – the top performing council

City of Kingston has embarked on a journey of continuous improvement to become Insync Surveys' number one performing council in Australia. What does Kingston do ...

Is your culture designed to achieve success?

Insync Surveys believes that boards, CEOs and leadership teams of organisations have a responsibility to be very deliberate about the way they define, guide, form ...

Insync acquires UltraFeedback

Australia's largest employee research company, Insync, recently acquired Australia's leading healthcare and customer research business, UltraFeedback. "This ...

Exit interview update: A brand new day, a brand new chart

Insync is proud to announce more upgrades to our exit interview system. Feedback based on our customer survey helped us understand the needs of our clients. Here we ...

Exit interview update: Exit interview data on trend

Insync's exit interview system features charts showing frequency, trends and demographic summaries. From our customer survey we understand that many of our clients ...

Insync’s profitable growth cycle in Governance Directions

Insync helps businesses grow profitably. Our experienced team provides governance directions to create a cycle of success. Get the latest news and insights from us today.

Media release: Executive leadership more important than immediate boss

Employee & customer engagement specialist Insync has released a new research paper, Why people stay: how to keep your best employees. Read more.

Insync CEO is a panelist at diversity in leadership event

Insync Surveys CEO Nicholas Barnett was today a panelist at Diversity Council Australia's sell out event - Beyond the usual suspects: "the future for diverse leadership"

Insync employee retention research features in HRD mag

Insync Surveys' CEO Nicholas Barnett, features in HR Director Magazine's February edition. Their special retention report "Why people stay: How to keep your best ...

Employee engagement surveys: the missing link

Organisational research has long debated the nature and strength of the relationship between job attitudes (e.g., job satisfaction and organisational commitment) and ...

Using exit interviews to improve your organisation

Exit interviews are a great way to gain valuable insights into your organisation. Learn how they improve engagement, retention and performance.

Do exit interviews work?

It comes as a big blow when one of your best employees calls it quits. But if you wait for a string of staff to depart before you do anything about it, it's already ...

Not just a customer survey

A  customer survey is a great opportunity to get closer to your customers. Not only do you get feedback, it's an excuse to get in touch with them on more than one ...

HR thought leaders gather in Melbourne to discuss retention

Based on Insync's latest research 'Why people stay: how to keep your best employees', participants shared strategies & experiences.

Sky News interview with Nicholas Barnett about employee retention research

Nicholas Barnett, CEO Insync Surveys, features in a Sky News interview with Carson Scott about employee retention research "Why people stay: How to keep your best ...

Having the heart to make it

Client profile: Mr Alok Mishra, Vice President Asia Pacific - Strategic Business Systems, Johnson & Johnson Medical, Asia Pacific

Overseeing revenue growth in a low growth economy

In a low-growth global economic environment, organisations in all sectors are finding it increasingly difficult to achieve their financial goals.

Being valued is the burning point for local government employees

The local government sector carries some unique management & employee challenges such as clearly communicating the organisation's strategies & goals.

The benefits of brevity by Nicholas Barnett

There's an old saying that the more you say the less people hear. This is so true when it comes to discovering and articulating your Vision, Mission and Values or ...

James Garriock presenting at Ozwater’14 on customer focus

At Ozwater'14, James Garriock, our executive director, will speak from his customer survey experience with many utilities on the journey from a pure engineering ...

Helping our health clients get closer to patients

UltraFeedback now part of Insync, we deliver custom research projects in the health sector. Our clients work with us to get closer to their own patients.

Profitable growth starts with employee empowerment and support

Ground-breaking research into the 5 key people drivers of the profitable growth cycle based on our experience from conducting over 1000 employee and customer surveys ...

How two organisations achieved greater employee job fulfilment

Employee retention is a critical issue for many sectors of the economy including retail, hospitality, technology, professional services and community services.

One portal – five customer satisfaction measures

Collecting immediate customer interaction data is a major challenge for large service-based organisations such as councils, utilities and health funds. Many of our ...

Transforming your culture? Why innovation and productivity can’t be friends

'We're 18 months into our culture transformation project and we want to know whether we're getting there,' said the CEO

Creating a safety culture

Safety culture is about how things are done in relation to safety and is a good indicator of an organisation's overall commitment to workplace safety. It's closely ...

Simple things with BIG IMPACT: A checklist for improving local government work places

Local Government employees can make a difference Download our quick and easy checklist for improving your workplace.

Insync ​recognised as a finalist at the HKABA National Cathay Pacific Business Awards

Celebrating excellence in business between Australia and Hong Kong/China, Insync was last night recognised as a finalist at the HKABA National Cathay Pacific ...

From stereotypical sceptic to passionate diversity campaigner, our CEO features in HRD mag

HR Director magazine features Nicholas Barnett, CEO Insync Surveys, and his journey from stereotypical sceptic to passionate diversity campaigner.

Congratulations to our client Goulburn Murray Water

Congratulations to our client Goulburn Murray Water - selected as a 2014 Australian Service Excellence Awards finalist in the division of large business.

Financials shouldn’t be the only KPIs

Cash flow is the lifeblood of business. Without it they die. We can't achieve cash inflow over a sustained period unless businesses are profitable.

Insync exhibiting at the ALC Supply Chain Safety and Compliance Summit

Insync is exhibiting at the ALC Supply Chain Safety & Compliance Summit on Wednesday 13 August 2014, Melbourne. We look forward to seeing you there!

Insync exhibiting at the ATEM HoSA Conference

Insync Surveys is excited to be participating in another Heads of Student Administration (HoSA) conference in Sydney.

Why people stay: how to keep your best employees

Retaining high performing employees is critical for maintaining and enhancing an organisation's competitive advantage in difficult economic times. That's why we ...

Employee retention in community services

This Insync study takes a closer look at employee retention in community services organisations. We examine the causes of employee turnover and the key initiatives ...

Insync CEO launches new book

Nicholas Barnett, Insync CEO, just released his new book, "The Art of Leadership". Get your copy & learn how to become a successful leader with Nicholas' insights & ...

Insync AHRI awards finalist 2013

Insync Surveys is proud to be short listed as a finalist for the AHRI (Australian Human Resource Institute) HR service provider awards. The winner will be announced ...

Media release: Two equal candidates for one job – hiring attitudes reveal who’ll get an interview

In the study, 515 hiring managers reviewed the CV of 'Susan' and 514 reviewed an identical CV but for one notable change - the name was altered to 'Simon'.

New book: 7 Business Habits That Drive High Performance

Insync's executive chairman, Nicholas Barnett, has recently published a new book based on ground-breaking research involving the views of over 100,000 employees.

New research: Gender-biased hiring decisions

While many organisations are taking positive steps towards increasing gender diversity, there is a clear need to ensure that diversity initiatives are targeted and ...

5 practical ways to increase employee engagement

Insync has helped hundreds of organisations to measure and improve their employee engagement.

Genuinely care – don’t be fake

How important is it for organisations, CEOs and their leadership teams to genuinely care for their people? In terms of achieving high levels of employee engagement ...

Taking your board from good to great

These seven suggestions for improvement were selected from 856 suggestions made by 345 directors from 47 boards in some of the largest and most important ...

Prominent business leaders reflect on the 7 Business Habits

Read this to discover 7 habits of successful business leaders. Get inspired & start implementing them in your biz today!

Media release: Of course I want the best person for the job, as long as they are just like me

A new study shows that male hiring managers prefer male job candidates and female hiring managers prefer female job candidates, but when it comes to making the final ...

IATA World People Symposium: addressing the critical people issues in aviation

Insync is a proud sponsor of the IATA World People Symposium held in Prague during November 2014.

LG NSW HR Conference: showcasing our work with 76 councils and over 30,000 council employees

Insync is a proud sponsor of the Local Government NSW Human Resource Annual Conference.

Insync attends Beyond Zero Harm: Human Factor Safety event

Insync is a proud sponsor of the Beyond Zero Harm: Human Factor Safety event held in Melbourne.

Latest research: 5 ways to unleash the productivity & innovation within

A critical source and enabler of innovation and productivity is inside your organisation - it's your employees.

What comes first: employees, customers or profit?

Fortunately most experienced executives know that profit is a by-product of getting lots of other things right.

Executive leadership more important than immediate boss

Retention of high performing employees is critical for maintaining and enhancing an organisation's competitive advantage.

Four steps to inspire Gen Y employees

With over a quarter of the workforce comprising Gen Ys, and that number set to increase to nearly 50 percent by 2020, it's increasingly important for business owners ...

Be intentional about the culture you desire

Organisations can let their cultures emerge & drift or they can be very intentional & deliberate about how they form and shape them. 

The business case for gender diversity

40 years focusing on equal opportunity & gender diversity initiatives, organisations still have very low levels of women in senior leadership positions.

Leadership accountability – why management must set the precedent

If managers say one thing and do another, they should not be surprised if their employees model their actions rather than follow their words...

2015 ALIA Information Online Conference

ALIA's Information Online Conference is the premier event for library and information professionals in Australia. Learn more about the 2015 conference.

New research: Disengaged employees are the handbrake to productivity and innovation

Survey and consulting firm Insync Surveys has revealed that engaged employees are at least three and a half times more likely than disengaged employees to agree that ...

Insync exhibiting at the 2015 ALC Forum

Insync Surveys is a proud sponsor and exhibitor at the 2015 ALC Forum, 11-12 March 2015 at the MCG in Melbourne.

Worried about your culture? Look at your CEO’s habits

By Nicholas Barnett, Insync CEO and author of new book: 7 Business Habits That Drive High Performance

Five steps to minimise unconscious gender bias

Unconscious gender bias can be difficult to identify and address. Learn five steps to help minimise it in the workplace, from Insync.

Insync sponsoring the Early Childhood Education Conference

2015 Early Childhood Education Conference, Together we grow - investing in our future, will be held on 29 & 30 May 2015 at Caulfield Racecourse, Melbourne.

Independent Primary School Heads of Australia; Insync proud to support the Tri-State seminar

Insync has a long history of delivering surveys, research and consulting to independent schools and is proud to sponsor the upcoming Independent Primary School Heads ...

Insync CEO Nicholas Barnett speaking at thought leadership forum

Insync CEO Nicholas Barnett will be speaking at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) thought leadership forum Developing Stronger Leadership on ...

Shape your culture well – it will then shape you

A bad culture is counter-productive to strategy execution. All organisations have a dominant culture and distinctive way of doing things whether they realise it or ...

Leaders need to get REAL

Leaders need to get REAL, be REAL and stay REAL. REAL is an acronym for Relationships, Exemplar, Ambition and Light. We believe these are the four most important ...

From stereotypical sceptic to passionate diversity campaigner

Nicholas Barnett, CEO, Insync, went from stereotypical sceptic to passionate diversity campaigner. Here, he shares his story.

Insync CEO, Nicholas Barnett, presenting at the AHRI National Convention and Exhibition 2015

Join Insync CEO, Nicholas Barnett, as he presents What is good HR: From the outside in at the AHRI National Convention & Exhibition 2015.

Insync research – ‘Lifting your practice’s clinical and financial performance – lessons learnt from 75,000 patient surveys’

As the preferred research partner of the Australian Association of Practice Management (AAPM), Leon McCormack from Insync will be presenting the findings of the ...

Executive Director of Insync presents at Essential Services Commission Water Pricing Approach Conference

James Garriock, Executive Director of Insync, & other leading water industry representatives presented to inform the Vic water sector's future pricing approach

Insync Principal, Annie Bolitho, speaking at Melbourne University “Democracy in Transition” conference

Insync Principal, Annie Bolitho, will be appearing at the Melbourne School of Government Conference: Democracy in Transition

Customising employee surveys with Insync’s modules

Your employee survey shouldn't simply be a tick the box exercise. It can act as a catalyst & prepare the way for important strategic change initiatives.

Want an inclusive culture? Ensure managers understand psychological safety

The critical first step for the middle manager is to establish psychological safety in his or her team.

New eyes – new insights

Insync helps you gain new perspectives & unlock opportunities. Learn how to see the world differently & gain new insights.

Why wellbeing matters

Most government, business and not-for-profit leaders know about employee engagement and its link to improved productivity and organisational performance. Employee ...

Employee Value Proposition Panel Discussion November 2015 (video)

Employee engagement is the key to making your organisation competitive, profitable & successful.

Victorian Government “Women and Girls in Sport and Active Recreation” advisory panel (downloadable report)

Insync CEO, Nicholas Barnett, currently sits on the Victorian Government's "Women and Girls in Sport and Active Recreation" advisory panel. The state government has ...

Bold and practical action to achieve diversity

Diversity won't be achieved without bold and practical action. That was the conclusion of the advisory panel that included Insync Executive Chairman, Nicholas Barnett.

Insync releases report with Australian Human Resources Institute, AHRI (downloadable report)

Insync and the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) have just released a report titled "5 tips for HR from government and business leaders".

Practical ways to improve patient safety in healthcare – identifying the specific factors that have the greatest impact

Insync's research, based on data from 16,000 clinical staff from 36 Australian health care facilities, indicates that fostering a positive hospital safety climate ...

From red to green in 12 months

Yes, your organisation can go from red (bottom quartile of Insync's database) to green (top quartile) in 12 months if you use an evidence based approach to set your ...

Insync & AHRI Research Paper: 5 tips for HR from government and business leaders

Most organisations are challenged by new and increasing competition from low cost, internet-based business models that are commoditising many products and services. ...

Flexible work creates a win-win

Flexible work is a great way to increase productivity and job satisfaction. Learn how to create a win-win situation for both employers and employees.

Five Ways To Raise HR Standards – HRM online (February 2016)

The business landscape looks vastly different now than it did 2010, even five years ago, and organisations have to do more and 'be more' to stay afloat in an agile ...

4 tips to become a better coach

Business coaching can be a fantastic tool to help people gain confidence, develop their skillsets and act as a yellow brick road to higher performance.

Insync exhibiting at Early Childhood Education conference

Insync is proud to be an exhibitor and supporter of the  2016 Early Childhood Education Conference.

ESC position paper on water pricing

After 12 years without much change the ESC today announced a major shift in the way it will appraise water plans. In a major speech to industry stakeholders to mark ...

How to discover and bring to life your Customer Value Proposition

It's a customer's world. Few people would argue that for organisations to survive, they must understand and meet the needs of their customers.

New paper: How to discover and bring to life your Customer Value Proposition

Insync has just released a new guide to creating a compelling customer value proposition. The paper outlines the starting point of your journey to customer ...

2016/17 Higher Cap determinations, community engagement and trade-offs

The much anticipated Essential Services Commission (ESC) determination on the 2016-17 Higher Cap applications is now out.

New tech changing the face of customer feedback

We now have the ability to access endless amounts of information in an instant whether at home, work or on the go. We have become spoiled and impatient when we are ...

4 ways to embed and live your values

Core values are those values that are absolutely essential for an organisation to achieve its vision and fulfil its purpose. They guide the behaviour of everyone in ...

Do you have a robust risk culture?

A thorough and honest answer to this question is critical for not only financial services organisations but all public, private, government and not-for-profit ...

Employee survey white paper: Repositioning to achieve performance outcomes

The concept of "alignment" relates to the process of continuous repositioning. Put simply, this involves regularly improving what an organisation does to make sure ...

Foreword by Ken Blanchard

Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Leading at a Higher Level wrote the following Foreword to Nicholas Barnett's book titled, GPS for your ...

Award winning CNN anchor Hala Gorani joins Women World Changers Summit – 3 weeks to go!

With three weeks to the Women World Changers Summit, we're pleased to welcome Hala Gorani, a multi-award winning international anchor and correspondent at CNN to ...

Recognition is a gift

Harvard Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter (Rose, 2011) said: "Remuneration is a right, recognition is a gift". So why isn't this free gift given more often?

Five ideas to combat unconscious bias

As humans we have many unconscious biases and in organisations our leadership decisions are also subject to them. Gender bias leads to predetermined views of talent, ...

4 ways to RAMP up your employee engagement

Many organisations across the globe are implementing cultural change programs to become more customer centric (discussed in our article The 6 essential ingredients ...

Culture is a choice

This may seem like an outrageous statement to some people but as far as I'm concerned it's absolutely true.

New insights: read our latest newsletter articles

We've partnered with many clients who have embraced the challenge of becoming a customer-centric organisation with a deliberate change agenda

Mission and market: evidence based insights for NFP executives

Profound changes are impacting the not-for-profit (NFP) sector. Having a clear identity and purpose can help navigate through these changes.

Senior leadership critical to productivity and innovation

Where will your capacity to grow and increase performance come from over the next few years? Few would disagree that driving productivity and innovation is vital to ...

The benefits of brevity and clarity

There's an old saying that the more you say the less people hear. This is so true when it comes to discovering and articulating your vision, mission and values or ...

Build customer relationships, not transactions

Too many organisations have an excessive internal focus and do not spend sufficient time considering and gaining feedback in relation to the external environment, ...

Complement annual employee surveys with strategic pulse surveys

There has been quite a bit of debate about whether the annual employee engagement survey should be replaced by regular pulse checks, or whether the pulse checks ...

Media release: Quantum Management Indicators merges with Insync

One of Australia's leading employee and customer survey specialists has merged with Insync, the largest Australian-owned stakeholder survey, research and consulting ...

Australian job ads are rebounding, so how can your organisation attract the best talent?

In case you haven't heard, employee engagement is the key to making your organisation competitive, profitable and successful.

What is your organisation’s story?

We talk a lot about the benefits to organisations in articulating and embedding their vision, purpose (or mission) and values.

The power of purpose

This article includes a description and an extract of the new book, Why Purpose Matters: and how it can transform your organisation, recently written by Nicholas ...

New NFP research paper: The 5 drivers of client centricity

The not-for-profit (NFP) sector is experiencing change at a rate that is equal to, or faster than, many othersectors of the economy. One of the many areas of change ...

Sky News interview with Nicholas Barnett

Nicholas Barnett, CEO Insync, features in a Sky News interview with Carson Scott about his new book Why Purpose Matters: and how it can trasform your organisation.

Insync CEO launches latest book

Insync CEO Nicholas Barnett launched his 3rd book, co-written with Dr Rodney Howard & featuring a foreword by KMPG Australia's National Chairman Peter Nash.

Switched on or switched off – what employee disengagement looks, feels and sounds like

It doesn't feel good to read these does it? Unfortunately, these comments were made by real employees during very real focus groups. And they typifies employee ...

Lessons for effective & sustainable safety communications

You may think that you're clearly articulating your safety messaging & communications but how clearly are staff hearing these, understanding & implementing.

Endorsements of Nicholas Barnett’s book

These endorsements are included with the  Free Chapter of the book at

Making a difference: How Insync created the Bushfire & Emergency Self Assessment Tool

Following 2009's catastrophic bushfires and in preparation for the next bushfire season, Insync assisted the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood ...

Insync CEO, Nicholas Barnett joins Women World Changers advisory panel

Insync's CEO, Nicholas Barnett joins the advisory panel for one of Australasia's largest debates on the impact and economics of women, diversity and culture on ...

Forget buyer beware – now it’s seller beware

We have all heard the statement caveat emptor, which means buyer beware. If you have ever bought a house or a second hand car or some other second hand item, you ...

Insync features in the latest edition of Research News

Insync's latest employee engagement research "Switched on or switched off" is featured in the November December edition of Research News - the bi-monthly publication ...

Why authentic leadership is more important than ever

The latest journal of the Governance Institute of Australia features an article by Insync CEO Nicholas Barnett.

Does your culture support or hinder execution of your strategy?

We've written many articles about the benefits of deliberately defining the culture you desire for your organisation and then deliberately bringing

The power of purpose – views from Intrepid Travel

Many organisations across Australia and the world are learning how discovering and living a new and higher order purpose can transform their organisation from the ...

Four steps to help healthcare leaders break down silos

Insync's strategic healthcare partner Press Ganey leads the US and the world with their Patient Experience transformation solutions. This article was published by ...

Insync director James Garriock to speak at Ozwater conference

Insync Executive Director James Garriock is presenting at Ozwater'18 - Australia's premier international water conference and trade exhibition, held on 8-10 May 2018.

RAMP: the 4 people drivers to future-proof your organisation

Much has been said about the uncertainty facing Australian and global businesses, and the rate of change needed to keep up or be left behind. The modern working ...

How Medibank discovered a more ambitious purpose

We chatted to Craig Drummond, who took over as Managing Director and CEO of Medibank in July 2016, about the power of purpose and why he thought

Engaging the other half of your workforce

Part-time employees make up 31% of the Australian workforce, and an even bigger proportion (45%) of the 1.6 million people working in health and social assistance.

Why Purpose Matters

Why Purpose Matters: and how it can transform your organisation is the latest book by Insync Executive Chairman Nicholas Barnett, co-written with Rodney Howard.

The 6 essential ingredients of a customer centric culture

Most business-to-business (B2B) organisations talk about being customer centric. Some go further and say they have a deeply embedded culture of listening and ...

Why staff turnover matters

The loss of organisational knowledge, skills and contacts associated with the loss of experienced employees has a significant impact on revenues, productivity and ...

Learnings from over 200 board reviews

Just being a good board is not enough in the current uncertain, complex and fast changing economic environment. Shareholders and other stakeholders are raising... ...

A massive recalibration of expectations of boards and executives

There has been a massive recalibration of expectations of all boards and senior executives (not just in Financial Services) in relation to how organisations

The 5 drivers of client centricity: a blueprint for the NFP sector

The not-for-profit (NFP) sector is experiencing change at a rate that is equal to, or faster than, many other sectors of the economy.

Insync and Press Ganey in Australia and New Zealand

Insync is proud to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Press Ganey Inc. USA to become the official licensee of all Press Ganey surveys, benchmarks ...

Transforming healthcare organisations through patient-centred care

Insync has been a long-time supporter of the Australian healthcare sector, having worked with over 100 health & aged care organisations the last 15 years.

Insync CEO, Nicholas Barnett on Governance Ideas Exchange Panel

Insync CEO, Nicholas Barnett is speaking at the Governance Ideas Exchange event on Thursday 25 October, run by the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees. ...

Insync at the Customer Experience Summit NSW

Insync is featuring at the upcoming Customer Experience Summit in Sydney on 21-22 November 2018.

What is the role of ‘Tone at the top’ for culture?

Boards that set a high tone for character and performance bring about more trusted and higher performing organisations.

How the Tigers connect to thrive and win

We chatted with Brendon Gale, Chief Executive Officer of the Richmond Football Club, about how a moving personal experience inspired him to go on the journey with ...

What is the role of “Tone at the Top” in setting culture?

Most refer to the setting of a high tone as being a high bar for honesty, integrity and ethical behaviour noting that it is a fundamental foundation stone for ...

Australia’s CEOs out of touch when it comes to cultural change

Even in the wake of the Hayne Royal Commission, Australia's C-Suite does not have a realistic view of company culture, according to new Insync research.

Insync’s commitment to security

Supporting Insync's ongoing commitment to data & cyber security, making an important change to the way our clients log on to our secure survey portals.

5 hard truths for Australia’s leaders

Insync provides 5 key insights to help leaders in Australia face the hard truths of the current business climate. Read on to learn more.

Employees are calling for significant cultural change

Australians believe organisations need to make cultural change & it's not just financial services sector talking but also employees across other industries.

Step changes at Insync

We want to share with you some step changes at Insync, which include a CEO transition and the appointment of a new head of our leadership development practice.

Our response plan for COVID-19

Health & wellbeing of our people & the broader community is paramount to Insync. Here’s a guidance & response plan that you might like to use as a reference.

Do you REALLY know how your people are coping this week?

A leader needs to provide avenues for people to speak up. You’re going to have to spend even more of your time being the glue that holds the team together.

Let’s get on with it: what I learnt in my home study

The current reality forced majority of organisations to implement working from home arrangements; what does that mean for employee engagement & productivity?

An update from the Insync team

As we see the impact of COVID-19 unfolding and changing by the day, the Insync team hopes you and your families are well and keeping safe.

Much more is now expected of Boards

New ground-breaking research conducted by Board Benchmarking and Insync with the assistance of Deakin University reveals that Board roles are much more complex than ...

Which Super funds are most trusted?

New research by Insync & Entente reveals some startling findings in relation to the trustworthiness of Super funds.

Webinar: 5 things HR needs to build a culture of trust post COVID-19

As organisations scrambled to respond to the unexpected & drastically altered budgets meant tough decisions that impacted the livelihoods of many Australians

Meeting patient needs with telehealth – insights and early trends

Analysis of over 3.5 million patient surveys indicates that telehealth services can achieve comparable patient experience ratings to in-person visits.

The time is now for banks to rebuild trust

New research by Insync and Entente reveals the banks that have worryingly low levels of customer trust. Only 29% of big 4 bank customers say their bank tells the ...

Only 38% of Australians believe their employer tells the whole truth

Most Australians don’t believe their employers tell the whole truth, according to the latest research by Insync and Entente. Only 38% of Australians believe their ...

Here’s how employees are feeling right now – and 4 ways leaders can reach out

Analysed data from thousands of employee responses to our In-Touch pulse survey, a real-time tool that measures the impact of COVID-19 on employee experience.

You’ve done your employee survey…now what?

We’ve put together a handy best practice guide for responding to survey results. Because it’s what you do with the results that will drive real change.

To make better decisions you need 6 things

The real game is making decisions. Now. Without perfect information. In the middle of a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world.

Six months on…employee wellbeing is being tested

We’ve taken a good look at the data to compare the current lockdown to the first lockdown. Our findings confirm that employee wellbeing has taken a huge hit.

Insync sponsors 2020 Asia Patient Experience & Engagement Virtual Summit

Insync in association with Press Ganey is proud to be a strategic partner of the 2nd Patient Experience & Engagement Virtual Summit.

Special Report: Workforce Engagement During COVID-19

Despite the stresses of Covid-19, our recent findings suggest that caregivers feel good about the work they're doing & are confident it makes a difference.

New Organisation Sustainability Maturity Matrix

Insync has partnered with Dr. Sugumar Mariappanadar of Australian Catholic University to develop a new Organisation Sustainability Maturity Matrix.

Building Workforce Trust: Lessons from COVID-19

By leveraging Press Ganey’s annual workforce engagement surveys, this whitepaper uncovers 4 critical elements to building trust with & among front line workers.

Review and reset your patient experience strategy in a COVID-19 era

Ensuring continuity of care & maintaining patient trust is a challenge for healthcare providers throughout the COVID pandemic. Everything has shifted.

Client success story: How to engage employees when facing change and uncertainty

During times of great change and uncertainty, maintaining and enhancing employee engagement is more important than ever. This is the story of a leading Australian ...

The 7 ways to bring your vision to life: new employee research

Not-for-profit organisations that pursue a clear vision can create a motivated and engaged workforce – but many are failing to inspire their people. Our new ...

5 ways to wellbeing: a simple framework

The five ways to wellbeing is one of the more simple, yet well-researched frameworks to enhance our psychological and emotional wellbeing.

Video: Bring your vision to life through our best practice

Our new research found inspired employees are 5 X more likely to recommend their organisation & 12 X more positive about innovation than uninspired employees.

So less than half your employees are inspired by the organisation’s vision… Does it matter?

Insync’s not-for-profit benchmark reveals that only 46% of employees are fully inspired by the vision of their NFP employer. So why does this matter?

Bring your vision to life with our range of data-driven resources

Insync found less than half of employees are inspired. So we have compiled our best and latest research to support you!

Special Report: Press Ganey 2020 Award Winner Best Practices

Press Ganey's latest knowledge brief acknowledges top-performing organisations, highlighting proven strategies for achieving and sustaining success.

Driving employee engagement for a safer workplace

Study of employee engagement trends in the Asia Pacific transport & logistics industry including actionable insights to increase employee engagement.

Leaders, here’s what to consider when navigating “return to work” options

What does the new normal look like for workplaces? How other organisations are approaching return to office & 4 important considerations for senior leaders.

Why a client-centric culture is the way forward for Aged Care

The release of the Aged Care Royal Commission Final Report & Recommendations in the past week is seen by many in the sector as a welcome step.

Improving Safety Culture in the Covid-19 Era

Reverse the trend - Improving safety culture in the Covid era. Calls on health care leaders to improve organisation's safety culture & provides key strategies

Are lenders prepared for the complex dynamics now in home lending?

Are banks ready for what's coming? There are economic priorities that will compete for the attention that dealing with foreclosure requires.

6 steps to become a high performing board

Vision Super engaged Insync, with Board Benchmarking, to conduct reviews of its board & directors. Vision Super took 6 steps to become high performing.

10 Patient experience best practices from industry leaders

Learn the top ten practices health care industry leaders rate as 100% effective in improving patient experience.

COVID-19’s impact on patient experience

Press Ganey has analysed over 7 million comments from patient experience surveys. This report identifies the top positive & negative themes for improvement.

Strategies to advance nursing excellence

Advancing nursing excellence is necessary to transform performance. This insight provides key suggestions and video explanations.

Reduce patient suffering through compassionate connected care

Health care providers' 1st step to patient needs is to acknowledge & take action. The Compassionate Connected Care model frames that action. See full report.

What the Federal Budget means for Aged Care

Following the Royal Commissions' recommendations, Federal Budget had strong focus on Aged Care. Announcements made & what this means for Aged Care providers

Insync sponsors 2021 Asia Patient Experience & Innovation Virtual Summit

As the industry is tasked to recalibrate its patient engagement strategy for maximum agility & optimum sustenance, Insync is proud to be a strategic partner

Cutting through the noise for better internal communication

Less than half of employees are satisfied with internal communications. How can this be? Why does it matter? And what can be done about it?

The importance of benchmarking

Benchmarking is key to improving performance. How else do you know what to aim for, or how to get there?

Deconstructing burnout and building resilience

Deconstructing sources of stress & reward that influence employees' vulnerability to burnout enables leaders to understand balance & design strategies

Meeting the needs of the aged care sector, post Royal Commission

A consumer-centric approach is crucial to the future of aged care providers. Insync can support providers in creating a client-centric culture, here's how.

Team leadership white paper: The 5 traits of an effective leader

Here are the five traits that are demonstrated by high performing managers and a self assessment guide to provide leaders with further guidance and focus areas.

Establishing a patient experience roadmap

Insync's Terry Grundy discusses exploring beyond patient experience and establishing a patient experience roadmap.

Team leadership: how to cultivate a leader’s mindset

Following our white paper on the 5 traits of effective team leaders, this outlines 4 actions to cultivate a mindset to achieve effective team leadership.

White paper: Why do so few employees feel appreciated?

Only half of not-for-profit staff feel truly appreciated. Our whitepaper outlines 6 main themes that are strongly related to feeling valued along with a good ...

Measuring and cultivating resilience and wellbeing of educators

Pandemic & supporting research has demonstrated a large impact on educators. Insync has created a solution for support addressing resilience & wellbeing.

Here’s proof that profitable growth starts with employee experience

Engaged & aligned employees underpin customer experience excellence & that in turn drives organisational success.

Impact of COVID-19 on Patient Experience in Asia

Feedback from 3627 patients, Press Ganey has analysed COVID-19's impact on Patient Experience & provided strategies to build trust in 'new normal'.

Supporting patient safety with higher employee engagement

Insync with Press Ganey utilised responses from 564,751 healthcare workers to analyse the strong relationship between patient safety & employee engagement.

Back2workplace – confidential and secure vaccination status survey

Collecting vaccination status from your team & stakeholders? Insync's confidential survey provides real-time data to inform workforce planning decisions.

Back2workplace – helping you get back to business

Insync can support you with an efficient, real-time means to surface your employees' changing needs as they adjust mentally to living & working with COVID-19.

How to bounce back after COVID-19’s safety culture declines

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption in healthcare around the world, leading to a decline in safety culture scores in 2020.

VIDEO: Cutting through the noise for better internal communication

Insync's Sophie Owen and Emily Dimmack sit down in this exclusive video to discuss how to improve internal communication in your organisation.

Consumer Experience Trends in Healthcare 2021

Press Ganey surveyed 1,000+ consumers to take the pulse of current consumer preferences and expectations for healthcare in 2022.

Best practices in response to evolving patient perceptions of cleanliness

Learn the best practices for responding to patient perceptions of cleanliness in healthcare settings. Insync insights help show you how.

Two new frameworks to measure and improve your ESG sustainability maturity

ESG is a key factor in the sustainability of organisations. Learn how to create a framework to ensure your organisation is ESG compliant with Insync's insights.

Employee and physician engagement: insights and trends from COVID-19

Discover the latest trends and insights on employee physician engagement. We provide resources to help employees and physicians to create a better healthcare experience.

Safety Culture Trends

Learn about the latest safety culture trends and how to create a safe workplace environment. Insync Insights help show you how.

Discover how this organisation reduced turnover to save millions each year

Learn how to reduce staff turnover and improve employee engagement to save millions. Insync provides good practices for a positive work environment that retains your best.

Participate in our 2022 Telehealth Research Project

Register to participate in Insync's national study assessing the healthcare's response to delivering telehealth practices and gain valuable patient feedback.

Telehealth goes mainstream, now what?

It’s unlikely that telehealth will retreat to pre-COVID levels now. Measure patient perceptions of your telehealth services by registering in our National Telehealth ...

Australia’s post-COVID workforce reshuffle…

Insync's latest insights report looks at how employee engagement is changing in Australia's post-COVID workforce. Learn how to keep your team motivated in our ...

6 retention strategies to hold onto experienced employees

Through analysis of over 40,000 employee survey responses we uncovered what makes people stay, along with 6 strategies to improve employee retention.

4 ways to improve healthcare error reporting and save lives

Healthcare leaders seeking to implement an honest culture and ensure staff feel comfortable reporting errors or mistakes should employ these four strategies.

How to address evolving patient perceptions of cleanliness

Learn how to address changing patient perceptions of cleanliness in healthcare settings. Discover the latest trends and strategies for a safe and hygienic ...

Leveraging the voice of your employees

Discover how to leverage the voice of your employees to create a positive workplace culture and increase engagement with Insync's Insights.

Insync’s Virtual Roundtable – Secrets to Success

10 ways to deal with lack of diversity in the workplace

10 strategies your organisation can implement to deal with lack of diversity in the workplace and help create greater diversity and inclusion.

OH&S Psychological Health Regulations

How is your business preparing for the impending OH&S psychological health amendments? Employers need to ensure they're managing psychosocial hazards in the ...

Leadership changes at Insync

We want to share with you some step changes at Insync, which include a CEO transition.

Leadership changes at Insync

We want to share with you some step changes at Insync, which include a CEO transition.

Confronting operational friction in healthcare

Operational friction places burden on both patient & caregiver. Here are 5 strategies that can help eliminate friction for employees and patients.

How safety impacts employee retention & engagement

Committing to quality & safety is an effective method for driving employee retention, especially during the current healthcare staffing crisis.

What is a board skills matrix?

Discover what a board skills matrix is and why it's crucial for effective corporate governance. Gain valuable insights for successful board membership.

National Patient Experience Week Resource Hub

Patient experience week - acknowledge & showcase innovative efforts of clients & highlight strategies to improve patient experience. Get resources here!

Unlocking the potential of virtual health care

Discover the potential of virtual health care with Insync. Read our insights on unlocking the benefits of virtual care for patients and providers. Improve access to ...

7 proven tips for effective action planning following employee surveys

Learn how to establish effective action planning following employee surveys with these 7 proven tips. Discover the value of translating employee feedback into ...

Insync disrupts the board review and board survey sector

Insync disrupts the board evaluation and survey sector with transparent pricing, a simplified process, and a best practice framework.

Fostering a Client-Centric Culture

Discover how to foster a client-centric culture and create positive client experiences with Insync's Insights.

10 Ways to Create High Performing Teams

Looking to create high performing teams in your workplace? We breakdown 10 of the best ways to motivate and get the most out of your staff.

Benchmarking board performance – webinar

Watch the BoardPro webinar where our co-founder Nicholas Barnett discusses benchmarking board performance: 500 board reviews later.

Collaboration – An area of focus for the Local Government sector

Enhance collaboration in local government! Uncover effective strategies for inter-team collaboration, driving high performance. Learn how Insync empowers with ...

Psychosocial Risks – What are they? What are your obligations?

Uphold legal obligations and proactively mitigate psychosocial risks. Gain valuable insights from our in-house psychologist, fostering a safe environment for your ...

5 steps to mitigate psychosocial hazards in the workplace

Learn how to mitigate psychosocial hazards amidst Australia's mental health challenge. Insync's expert guidance empowers workplaces to foster well-being and resilience.

The essence of leadership development – Nurturing effective team leaders

Explore the essence of leadership development, from core skills to effective strategies. Elevate your leadership journey with Insync's 360-degree feedback.

Unveiling the power of hybrid work – Navigating the future

Explore the hybrid work model benefits, key elements, and the five crucial components that make it successful. Find out how Insync’s AES can assist you to embrace ...

Understanding psychosocial hazards & psychological safety – Nurturing wellbeing at work

Discover the differences between psychosocial hazards and psychological safety, and why having a balance of both is crucial for employee wellbeing.

What is company culture and why is it important?

It’s as important as ever to foster company culture in your workplace. From retention to innovation to productivity - learn why with Insync.

The future of customer research in a distrustful AI world

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes increasingly integrated into our lives, this article explores its impact on customer research while delving into potential ...

Fostering a consumer/patient-centric culture in health and community services

Explore the pivotal role that leaders play in establishing, sustaining, and elevating a culture centred around the needs of consumers and patients. Additionally, ...

Benchmarking board performance: 500 board reviews later

Unlock insights into board performance from over 500 board reviews in the first evidence-based Insync and Board Benchmarking report.

Practical insights to foster employee engagement

Dive into our case study that uncovers the keys to fostering high employee engagement, embedding vision in company culture, aligning recruitment and enhancing ...

How to ask for customer feedback: 6 different methods

Do you know how to ask for customer feedback? Where to start might be hard, but for any business worth their salt, it’s essential. Learn how with Insync!

Top tips for councils planning their next deliberative engagement

Empower your council's community engagement with Insync's top eight tips, from pre-deliberation to post-deliberation. Book a Free Strategy Session with us, your ...

Psychosocial hazards in the workplace: expert insights and discussion

Explore workplace psychosocial hazards with experts Dr. Erika Szerda, Michelle Maugueret, and Steve Macchi. Legal insights, leadership roles, and collaboration ...

12 employee engagement survey questions and why they are important

Good questions get good responses. Use our employee engagement survey questions for your next round of surveys & learn about the benefits of engaged employees.

What is deliberative engagement?

A relatively new term, deliberative engagement places people that are close to, or affected by, decision-making closer to those decisions. Learn more here.

Principles of employee survey action planning

Unlock the full potential of your employee survey results with exclusive insights on effective action planning principles.

Does your Community Vision need a redevelopment or review?

Explore the nuances of redeveloping or reviewing your Local Government Community Vision. Find clarity and guidance here.

How to get your board skills matrix right – Join the BoardPro webinar

Join the BoardPro Webinar, where Nicholas Barnett will discuss the crucial role of the Board Skills Matrix in the director selection process.

Improving employee engagement: actionable tips from client success

Discover the invaluable tips driving Cenitex's employee engagement and transformative enhancements in our latest case study.

Your step-by-step guide to executing action plans successfully

Unlock the power of employee feedback with strategic action planning. Learn to leverage voices, identify areas for improvement, and maximise buy-in with our ...